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Deo Tauro

Trump 7

Keep trying. Progress can be made now. Obstacles will be overcome and success gained through personal dynamism. Control your emotions and your dreams will come true - remove all the obstacles so you will have the vision to move forward. You are due recognition and honor - harness all your energy and apply it wisely so that you will be able to make your point. Allow your soul to direct your body - be receptive to both the negative and the positive - control and balance them. Rest now, reflect and turn inward for analysis, solitude, health and physical completion without effort. Issues are coming to a head now - maintain control - wait, listen and avoid pushing your affairs. Accept that you are "in" the world but not "of" the world - find the "force" within you through a quiet and receptive state of mind. "Ego" is your conscious mind, your physical self-image - it forms the "surface" identity which directs your views and focus - it is a vehicle used to express your soul. Your ego continually changes as your beliefs about yourself change - it successfully controls a situation, but never brings the contradictions together so that they can be resolved. Trust and work in harmony with your way and you will reach your goal. Honor your achievements and dedicate yourself to even higher successes.