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Trump 12

Look at the beliefs that are causing you stress and hanging you up. To get rid of a limiting belief - create a new, opposing picture in your mind - affirm that the belief is not a reality, then generate the opposite emotion. This opposing picture will differ from the picture your physical senses are reporting to you and it is precisely in this area that change is required. Accept your reality - you can not deny who you are - your own "ego" has created these "false" securities. Surrendering to your reality opens the doorway to a new and "better" reality. Trust your abilities, build your plans and accept that outward appearances do not always present a true picture. Seek the "inner" light - the stability that will never change. Use your intuition and you will be able to perceive directly what is going on. You will understand that everything is working for you. You need nothing at all to complete who you are - you are always free to love and experience love, because you no longer need to cling to people or be jealous of them - you now realize that you are complete "with" or without them.