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Trump 6

Allow your inner, intuitive mind to guide you so that your ego can form and begin to function in the world. You cannot upset the natural drives within yourself - they are forces which must be recognized for what they are and dealt with the best you can. You can not evade, avoid or deny the way you are made. Your actions are causing others to feel unstable - seek a balanced expression of both the material and spiritual - combine your reason and imagination. When in a proper relationship - the total effect is called "grace". There is a descent from your Higher Self that completely engulfs your personality in a blissful feeling - you can tell you are experiencing "bliss" when little things move your "spirit". Ask yourself: What significant relationship are you involved in? How does this relationship mirror your own sense of self-worth? What choice or decision do you need to make? What responsibility will you have to take based on your decision? What needs to be combined, synthesized or brought together?