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Trump 13

Do not resist sudden change - you will be provided the strength and support needed to accept new situations. Leave the past behind now - allow your experiences to be your teacher. Let go of the restrictive, oppressive, limiting attitudes and beliefs that are holding you back - deliberately and consciously "cut out" any excess mental clutter. Start a new project - face your future with new faith as you gently release any outdated ideas or outlived emotional attachments that keep you confined. Eliminate the restrictive habits which are blocking your path so that "inner" spiritual, psychic rebirth can be achieved. Set backs and failure can bring new hope and understanding as "death" clears away the old to allow the "new" to find its place. You truly KNOW when you "understand" what you know - when you "feel" what you have understood and "put it into practice". Meditation is to think with a view of attaining "inner" certainty -to pose a question in all honesty to your own conscience and have that question answered in all honesty by your own conscience.