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Trump 4

Remain strong. Always seek a positive direction. Plan and work each day. Concentrate on your self-discipline. Take the time to understand the motives of the people around you - focus your energy on "cleaning house" and removing the things you do not want in your home. "Benevolence and compassion" result in the development of new life, even in a stormy desert - but if taken too far - it can signifying immaturity or the inability to make harsh decisions and carry them through. Ask yourself: Where do your ambitions lie? What are you organizing, building, doing? What kind of Emperor are you - energetic and imaginative or rigid and unreceptive? Who is establishing guidelines, parameters and structures in your life? Who has the power and authority and how is it being used? Do you find it hard to take "no" for an answer? Are you overly competitive, pushing your body beyond normal limits - to the point of burn-out?