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Trump 21

Implement new plans, the chances for success are high - growth, protection, talent, charm and luck prevail. The Greater You is now ready to proceed. Affirm yourself as simultaneously real both in the flesh and in other dimensions and you will become aware of the existence of the super- conscious mind. Your experiences will dissolve any conflicts so that you can spontaneously dance through the ever-changing beliefs and their realities. Recognition of this state helps you direct energies from other dimensions into your daily life and allows you to assist in the great expansion of all consciousness. Observe the vows of obedience, poverty and chastity. A chaste mind seeks the truth - not the joy of revelation of the truth. A chaste love seeks union with the loved one - not the carnal pleasure of the union. A chaste mind is sober - it is not swept away by the sweet allure of a mirage. The poor mind seeks only what is essential to the life of the body, the life of the soul and the life of the spirit and an obedient mind is capable of recognizing the "voice of truth" - it is spiritual hearing developed by obedience. Ask yourself: What are you doing to free yourself from the limitations and restrictions in your life or what are you doing to work freely within them?