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Trump 20

Forge ahead and see what the future holds - face life realistically. Trust and believe that the new vibrations will let you see exactly what you'd like to be. Take a good look at your life and you will be gifted with the vision to see ahead. You are being blessed with cosmic energies that will give you the guidance you need - be willing now to direct yourself - make all the changes you desire. You have achieved worthy goals, attained inner development and you are entering a time of serenity and happiness - a time of new beginnings. Raise yourself to a more meaningful existence now. Your old ways of believing and thinking exist no more and the new requires action. Your perception is influenced by your past experiences - descend into the waters of nothingness and rise up liberated from all this partial knowledge. As your ego dies away - the illusions of isolation are dissolved and your spirit is resurrected. Coming to terms with your past experiences is a part of going beyond those experience. Allow the force greater than yourself to lead you to the true nature of existence and the way you are a part of it. Allow your true mind to awaken now. You are not experiencing new circumstances - but new consciousness. Merge yourself with the forces of life and join with all that has been separated. This search for your true identity will lead you to discover the great powers within yourself. No one can truly be free as long as another is enslaved. You can not liberate yourself until you liberate all humanity...yet, your liberation - liberates everyone. Listen...hear the call now and make the important change. Allow the new to emerge - the old situations, your old self has died and the only thing that remains is your recognition of this fact. Use your "intuition" to its very maximum now. Allow yourself to become a motivating spirit - actively participate in the process of world evolution. Raise yourself to conscious participation in the work of divine magic. The practice of strict self-denial is a measure of personal and spiritual discipline. The work and idea of resurrection appeals to that which is most creative, most generous and most courageous in the human soul which has been invited to become a conscious and active instrument of accomplishment. What faith, what hope and what love is implied here! Ask yourself: What "call" have you heard? Who or what is being criticized? What judgment is being made?