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Trump 15

Try to lighten up. Stop taking yourself and unimportant things so seriously. Break up old patterns. Let go of cares and worries. Play more. Don't hang onto things that have little truth or reality. Try laughing. Don't focus on money or material things. This is not a propitious time for any venture, and a rash decision could result in loss. Do what's right. Be honest. Especially, be genuine in romance. If you've been riding a wave of power, it may be ending soon. Make sure you haven't become addicted to it. Stop looking at your limitations as adversities. Your "actual" needs are one thing - your "fancied" needs are something entirely different. You can easily get caught up in your "fancied" needs, allowing your "inward" drives - your sexual impulses, your selfishness and your desire to control power to flow carelessly out of balance. "Feel" the sense of pressure and force when this is happening - the lack of consideration and selfishness. Re-evaluate your situation, don't make the mistake of judging people or situations only by their outward appearances or you will find yourself bound by half-truths. Always seek the inner truths. Balanced - the strength of your "inward" drives can be a positive energy source for more admirable development. Carefully examine your old views - look beneath the surface of this situation for the real truth. The materialistic viewpoint that nothing exists beyond the world of the senses is the real "illusion". Act spontaneously without overstepping your conscious boundaries. Your actions will disrupt, yet bring about a new awakening. The more you enjoy your work - the greater are your successes. If you fear your emotions, repress your thoughts, distrust your imagination or block and judge your aggressive urges as "bad" - you create "unnatural guilt" which requires punishment and leaves you feeling powerless. It is your "belief" in guilt and the fear of your emotions which is your own denied power. Knowledge of your power comes from the natural expression of your feelings combined with vital, passionate action. "Playfully" release yourself from restrictions - use your imagination creatively to find practical solutions to your problems.