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Trump 3

You are promised growth, prosperity and fertility in all things - your needs will be fulfilled with joy and satisfaction. Your original seeds were well planted - the harvest is wonderful and now is the time to reap the benefits. The results will be much larger than you anticipated. Look forward to a happy conclusion - you are coming to the end of hard work and sacrifice - soon recognition and rewards will come for all your efforts. Respond to your memory and it will produce growth through your imagination - the solid stability which is the activity behind all manifestation. Growth, expansion and freedom result in self-expression, luck and extravagance as your talents and interests unfold. Freedom and growth are the keys - allow yourself to experience the fruit of your "inner" mind, your creative imagination through which you give birth to your sense of physical reality - all possibilities stream from here. We all grow through open-hearted encouragement and understanding. Through your imagination you can project ideas into the future, anticipate behavior and integrate your outer and inner experiences as your conscious mind focuses on the intent, combines with the knowledge of your inner, intuitive mind to project the images into future reality. Give your loving heart, your creative mind, your physical energy and your spiritual understanding to help yourself and others unfold. Pure emotion, deep intuitive understanding through a passionate approach to life. You learn to give and take experiences with uncontrolled feelings - to experience the outer world completely, so that you might one day transcend it. The first step to enlightenment is sensuality - only through passion can you sense from deep within. Your body and the world are realities which must be integrated - they can not be denied. No fruit is too small, no being is too weak, no idea is too foolish and no emotion is too immature. Return to your natural state and allow yourself to experience life directly. Life is a creative unfoldment - approach it through your feelings, rather than through thought - for this is your time of passion.