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Tarot readings provide guidance regarding specific questions you may have. We currently offer a single Major Arcane card reading. Because this is done online, it's up to you to relate mystical meaning of the answer to your personal situation. Otherwise, the method is quite simple but critical that you follow these steps:

  1. Prepare. Close the door, block out distracting noise and light. Make sure you have a calm, peaceful environment allowing uninterrupted connection to cosmic forces channeling through the tarot deck.

  2. Concentrate. Focus completely on one and only one simple, straigh-forward, and direct question.

  3. Draw. Select a tarot card from the deck by clicking the button below.

Tarot readings can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian "Book of Thoth". Thoth was the god of wisdom, time, writing, magic, and the moon. His book conveyed knowledge on enchanting both heaven and earth, and languages of birds and beasts. Being so powerful that even even their strongest priests could not control it, the book was successively encased in several boxes of increasingly precious materials and buried with Prince Neferkaptah in the City of the Dead. Keys to each box were concealed all across Egypt. The best evidence available indicates that the major Tarot cards were derived from the Book of Thoth and used as tools of priesthood initiation.

There appears to have been some Tarot involvement or interaction with Pythagoras - an ancient Greek philosopher best known for discovering a relationship of right-sided triangles, demonstrating his mastery of numbers and mathematics, and being regarded as the "Father of Numerology". His students believed everything could be explained by mathematics making numbers an excellent form of expression or even an ultimate reality. Being a number-based system, Tarot was of interest to Pythagoras.

Later, additional cards known as Minor Arcana were added to Tarot decks. Generally considered less significant than Major, they consist of 56 cards very similar to modern playing cards being broken into 4 suits with a specific rank or number, and meaning assigned to each.

To this day, many scientists such as Martin Rees maintain this idea of connection through numbers arguing for example that if humanity ever establishes contact with life on other planets, mathematics may our only means of communication. Atoms in distant galaxies behave the same way they do here. We understand their behavior through mathematics. So it stands to reason that other intelligent life would understand the universe the same way we do - through numbers such as those expressed in Tarot readings.